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The Effect of Back Pain on Walking..

Date: April 27, 2020 | Time: 12:00pm

For the patient with low back pain, guidelines recommend seeking treatment in the acute state of the condition instead of waiting for it to become chronic. While it's generally easier and faster to achieve a satisfactory outcome in the earliest stages of a back pain condition, there's another reason: to reduce the risk for additional injury. To see how this is the case, let's look at the effect low back pain has on walking. In a February 2020 study, researchers examined.... <view entire article>

The Neck and its Relationship to Headaches..

Date: April 26, 2020 | Time: 12:00pm

Experts estimate that headaches affect half the population, with up to 25% of headaches originating from the cervical spine or neck, which is referred to as a cervicogenic headache (CGH). There are many studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of chiropractic management for CGH, often involving a multi-modal treatment approach to address biomechanical dysfunction in the cervical spine that may contribute to or cause a patient's headache. These treatment options include... SPINAL MANIPULATION THERAPY (SMT): There are multiple methods or techniques of.... <view entire article>

Masquerading as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome..

Date: April 25, 2020 | Time: 12:00pm

Most people have heard about carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) as it's the most common of the peripheral neuropathies or pinched nerves in the extremities, but few have heard of pronator teres syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve is pinched or compressed while passing through the wrist. However, the median nerve originates in the neck and must pass through several anatomical regions before reaching the wrist and ultimately the hand. One of these areas is the elbow where the.... <view entire article>

Subacromial Impingement Syndrome..

Date: April 24, 2020 | Time: 12:00pm

Shoulder pain is a VERY common problem, especially among individuals over 40 years old. Experts estimate that between 16-30% of the population has experienced shoulder pain in the last month, with subacromial impingement syndrome (SIS) being one of most likely diagnoses made by clinicians. Why is SIS so common? The short answer is because the ball and socket part of the shoulder joint is shallow to allows for a wide range of motion but at a cost of reduced stability. Factors.... <view entire article>

Seat Belt Truths & Myths..

Date: April 23, 2020 | Time: 12:00pm

Some of us have been around long enough to remember when wearing a seat belt was optional, and some of us are even old enough to remember when car manufacturers weren't even required to install them in the first place! Nowadays, not only is it the law in most jurisdictions for all passengers to fasten their seat belt but our cars will obnoxiously beep if we forget. This is for good reason because according to the Centers for Disease Control.... <view entire article>

8 Tips to Help Maintain a Healthy Weight..

Date: April 22, 2020 | Time: 12:00pm

Losing excess weight and keeping it off can be a challenge. Hopefully, these eight tips can help make it easier to win the battle of the bulge... FOOD JOURNAL: A study published in the journal Obesity reported that in a 142-obese person group, those who consistently logged their meals and held online group sessions about weight-loss strategies lost an average of 10% of their body weight within six months. This process reportedly took participants just 15 minutes per day. WHEN.... <view entire article>